33 comments on “Duplicate Tab Button for Safari

  1. I tried to install your tab several times through the Apple web site – without success. When I downloaded it from you it worked (?).

  2. Hi Tuomas!
    Thanks, there was something wrong with a redirect. Now it should work through the Apple web site.

  3. Hi Thiemo,

    Thanks a lot for the nice plugin! I was looking for a plugin which delivers such feature in Safari for quite some time.

    A small suggestion/idea for extension: it would be very nice if it is possible to trigger the duplicate tab functionality also with a keyboard shortcut – like CTRL+CMD+D (or similar).


  4. Hi Thiemo,

    Actually I came here to this site to suggest exactly the same thing as Georgi above. This feature would be especially useful for purposes of surfing Web sites that do *not* permit right/control clicking. I am used to surfing by means of opening new tabs, so that it’s easy to go back to the page from which I came. Duplicate Tab Button has been extremely helpful to me in navigating a “no right/control clicking” Web site, and a keyboard shortcut would make these efforts even easier.

    Thanks for reading, and thanks for your great great Safari Extension.

    Best wishes,


  5. Hi,

    It seems that in Lion your extension will cause pinch zoom to stop working. If I disable and re-enabel extensions then pinch soon will work for a while then stop again. If I disable extensions then pinch zoom never fails.

    Can you please look into this? Otherwise I like this extension very much. Thanks!

  6. Hi Thiemo,

    your extension is very helpful, thanks. I am also looking for an extension that opens a new window (no tab!) with Top-Sites but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

    If you think this extension would be a good idea and if you find the time to develop this one day, please let me know!


  7. Thiemo,

    My hero.
    I’ve wanted this goodie for so long.
    Stupid me, I didn’t check extensions.

    I Love this.


  8. Hi Naomi

    I can’t reproduce this bug. Does it only and specifically happen with the Duplicate Tab Button extension?

  9. Hi Ronny!

    You can open a new window with top sites by option-command-clicking the ordinary top sites icon. Does that do the trick?

  10. Hi Thiemo,

    Does the duplicated tab open right next to the tab being duplicated, or at the end of all open tabs? I very much hope the former – or that your extension has an option allowing us to select whichever we prefer. If it doesn’t allow us to open the new tab adjacent to the original, my I ask that you consider adding that function? :0)

    It would really help if your description of the extension included this detail, so we could decide if we wanted to install it based on factual information, rather than having to install and try to see if we really want it or not….

    Thanks in advance for replies to my question!

  11. This is great to have; thanks for putting it together. Two more things would make it perfect: a keyboard shortcut, and the ability to duplicate the tab’s history, so that the back and forward buttons still work. There isn’t anything, as of yet, that can do this for Safari.

  12. I love your Safari Duplicate Tab extension, and use it several times a day.

    But I also use Firefox latest ESR 10.0.2, which is only updated once a year. So I would love to have the same functionality in Firefox. Is there one already or can I persuade you to make one.

    An appreciative user.
    Tuesday, 2012/03/13

  13. Hi,

    Thank you for your work.

    I installed the plugin and hopefully it can duplicate the tab and bring me back in the new tab to previous browsed pages, but it didn’t.

    A new tab did be created with the same url as the current tab, but the browsing history was lost. The previous/next page buttons are greyed out. Is this correct behavior or is there anything wrong with my safari?

    I think I can do the same thing by clicking Cmd+L, holding down Cmd key, followed by clicking Enter. This creates a new tab with same url without history, but I would really like the history and other things such as snapback information be duplicated too.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

  14. Hi, I’ve just installed your extension and I think there’s something wrong with how it handles secure sites. I’m trying to open up a duplicate of this page https://tradacasino.com/uk/ and keep getting an error. Any ideas?

  15. Hallo!

    Gibt es nach der Installation von “Duplicate Tab Buttons” auch einen SHORTKEY mit dem man Tabs duplizieren kann???

    Bitte um kurze Antwort.


  16. Hi – thanks for this, I’ve been looking for a long while for this kind of extension and only found it today! Is there a keyboard shortcut as well?


  17. hey guys,

    I found an easier way of duplicating the same tab:

    safari preferences -> general -> “new tabs open with:” and choose same page.

    then you can just use; (command + T) to duplicate the tab! :)

  18. Actually what the pluggin does is just opening a new tab and inserting the address of the last tab. In chrome for example you do get your tab duplicated, as well as all the history from it.

  19. Hi Thiemo,

    I installed the duplicate tab button, but nothing happened. I did it twice and when I go on my safari, and click the tabs, duplicate tab isn’t an option. I look forward to your help.

  20. If I an in safari and goto click Safari extensions and then click the link to use your duplicate tab, the link is still broken and comes up as “Server is busy try again” It has been like that for a week now.

    Regards Des

  21. Hello,

    This extension does not duplicate a tab. As some other have pointed out, this extension only copies url of the current tab, but without browser history. As such, it does not duplicate the tab.

    I really miss Duplicate Tab in Safari. It is odd that this feature is not built-in in Safari or than there is no extension for Safari that really duplicates a tab. All popular browsers have this feature (Firefox with Tab Mix Plus, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.). That’s why I rarely use Safari.

    Best regards,


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  23. Thiemo,

    Looks like the download is leading to a 404 page. Extension is also missing from the Apple Safari Extensions website. Have you had to abandon the project or is there another issue? I use the extension all the time on my MB Air and went to install on my iMac and can’t find it anywhere.



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